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Our Great Heritage:
The History of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary

Worker Training Schools Series

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Our Great Heritage: Worker Training Schools, where we highlight the history of our schools. This presentation highlights the history of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary. The history of our synod is intimately bound up with the seminary. We look at some of the major events and developments in the history of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary as framed by the history of the synod with an emphasis on what has changed and what has remained the same. Immediately following this presentation, the WELS Historical Institute held its annual meeting.

The presenter is Professor John Brenner. Prof. Brenner has served as a tutor at Northwestern College, a parish pastor, the dean of students at Michigan Lutheran Seminary, and for 30 years as a professor at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary. During those 30 years he has taught courses in church history, the Lutheran confessions, education, and systematic theology, as well as serving as the dean of students. He is a co-author of the history of WLS entitled Jars of Clay. Since retiring from the seminary, he has been serving as the part-time administrator for the Pastor Partners mentoring program. Prof. Brenner and his wife reside in West Bend.

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