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175th Anniversary of
Grace Lutheran Church

History of the Milwaukee WI Congregation

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This presentation will look at the history of Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church in Milwaukee, WI. Founded in 1849, Grace holds an important place in our synod’s history. Johannes Muelhaeuser, served as pastor at Grace, was the instigator for the initial organizational meeting of the Wisconsin Synod on Dec 8, 1849, at Grace’s rented facility, was elected as president, and was chosen to write the constitution which was approved at the May 1850 meeting at Salem, Milwaukee. Over the course of its 174-year history, the congregation and pastors of Grace have played a significant role in spreading the message of Christ and his salvation both in Milwaukee and in the Wisconsin Synod. Join us to explore the rich history of Grace Lutheran Church in Milwaukee!

The presenter is Pastor James Huebner. Pastor Huebner has served at Grace since 1982 and also serves as the First Vice President of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. In both his parish and synodical roles, Pastor Huebner has gained experience in a broad range of the gospel ministry carried out by the Wisconsin Synod.

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