1850-1860 WELS President Johannes Muehlhaeuser

1850-1860 President Johannes Muehlhaeuser

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1850-1860 President Johannes Muehlhaeuser   Biography     References Related content: The Early Presidents Collection The Office of the President of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod Papers …
1860-1864 and 1867-1889 WELS President John Bading

1860-1864 and 1867-1889 President John Bading

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President John Bading Johann (John) F. Bading was born on November 24, 1824, in Rixdorf near Berlin, Germany. As a teenager walking on Berlin’s Sebastian Street, he saw above a house door the Mark 16:15 motto "Preach the gospel to all creation."…
1864-1865 WELS President Gottlieb Reim
1865-1867 WELS President Wilhelm Streissguth

1865-1867 President Wilhelm Streissguth

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President Wilhelm Streissguth Wilhelm (William) Streissguth was born at Lahr, grand duchy of Baden, on April 10, 1827. He pursued his studies at Lahr and Ludwigsburg, and finally, in the Mission Institute and the University of Basel. He was…