Book: Jars of Clay by J Brenner

Jars of Clay

A History of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary (1863-2013) By John M. Brenner & Peter M. Prange The Evangelical Lutheran Theological Seminary of the Wisconsin Synod was founded in 1863 and celebrated its sesquicentennial in 2013 as Wisconsin…
Book: The Wisconsin Synod Lutherans Fredrich

The Wisconsin Synod Lutherans

By Edward C. Fredrich Beginning with the Synod's roots in Germany and tracing its development through splits and merges to the present, the author's writing brings the history of this conservative Lutheran church to life. The Wisconsin…
Book: The History of WELS by Koehler

The History of the Wisconsin Synod

By John Ph. Koehler In 1899, Northwestern College Professor John Ph. Koehler was commissioned to write an 50th anniversary history of the Wisconsin Synod which would be printed serially in the synodical paper, the Gemeinde-Blatt. Eventually…